Tripsome Expands its Reach with Strategic Acquisitions of and

Tripsome, the leading marketplace for tickets to leisure, culture, entertainment, sports, and booking services in the tourism and travel industries, proudly announces the successful completion of its recent acquisitions: and These strategic moves mark an important milestone in Tripsome’s journey toward becoming a market leader in the industry.

Tripsome Strengthens its Presence with the Acquisition of 

According to Jasur Hasanov, CEO and Co-founder of Tripsome, “The addition of to our portfolio is a game-changer for us. With over 5.7 million unique visitors, has firmly established itself as the biggest brand in the entertainment and leisure market in Azerbaijan since 2008. Our plans include leveraging the strong traffic and brand name of to enhance the sales of Tripsome services and attract valuable advertisers as suppliers. This acquisition opens up tremendous opportunities for growth and expansion.” Empowering Tripsome’s Interactive Experiences 

The acquisition of has provided Tripsome with an exciting opportunity to offer unique city exploration games. Jasur Hasanov explains, “ offers captivating city exploration games that engage users in completing challenges and tasks in various indoor and outdoor locations. As a former supplier on Tripsome, has proven its potential as a revenue driver.”

Accelerating Tripsome’s Revenue Streams

Jasur Hasanov further highlights the advantages of, stating, “One of the most significant benefits of Cityquest is that Tripsome retains 100% of the revenue generated from the sales of these immersive games. Additionally, the operational involvement required is minimal, as our focus lies primarily on building new quests. This strategic acquisition allows us to diversify our revenue streams and establish a strong foothold in the interactive entertainment market.” 

With the successful acquisitions of and, Tripsome is poised to solidify its position as a market leader in the leisure, culture, entertainment, and tourism industries. By harnessing the extensive user base, renowned brand name, and captivating experiences offered by these platforms, Tripsome is primed to revolutionize the way people discover and engage with leisure services. 

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About Tripsome

Tripsome is a leading marketplace that specializes in offering tickets to a wide range of leisure, culture, entertainment, and sports services. Additionally, Tripsome provides convenient booking services to the tourism and travel industries. With its innovative approach and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Tripsome is redefining the way people explore and enjoy the world of leisure activities.

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